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Claremont Veterinary Hospital Pet Special Surgery

Laparoscopic Surgery

Dr. Weigand first started utilizing the Laparoscopic Surgery procedure in 1994 and developed the method for Laparoscopic Gastrostomy Tube Placement which was presented at the Rigid Endoscopy Symposium in 1995. Dr. Weigand has practiced laparoscopic hysterectomy for over a decade in dogs and found they experience less discomfort and recover faster than with conventional surgery.

TTA Surgery

One of the most common knee problems in dogs is the cranial cruciate ligament, which is similar to ACL in people. It can occur at virtually any age in the dog’s life, and in any breed. Sometimes this ligament can have a partial tear which can cause pain and arthritis. Untreated tears or damage can expedite arthritic changes and lead to meniscus injury.

Cruciate ligament injuries require surgical intervention. There are several common corrective procedures being performed including TTA, TPLO, and extra-capsular repair. Please call our office to schedule a consultation of your pet’s orthopedic pain and to discuss treatment options.


Endoscopy involves small-diameter instruments which are attached to a remote camera and video screen to allow examination of small spaces and internal organs without an open surgical procedure. Our endoscopy equipment allows excellent visualization of sinuses, ear canals, and internal organs when indicated. Please call our office to discuss questions about endoscopic and minimally-invasive procedures.